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Supplier Group

Dunbia believes that farmers and processors need to work together to meet customer demand.

To do this we must firstly understand what the customer wants when they are purchasing food and secondly, how we can actually make changes to better meet that need.

Our new supplier group has been established to help our suppliers better meet customer demand and in so doing to improve their own profitability.

What does the group offer?

The group focuses on a number of areas:

1. Communication

  • Dunbia requirements. Information about Dunbia requirements.
  • Customer requirements. Information about requirements of our customers.
  • Farm business information and advice. Information which farmers can use to improve their business.
  • Techniques and technologies. The provision of information on techniques and technologies which have been shown to improve profitability on some farms

2. Project work

  • Production efficiency. Work to understand methods of improving production efficiency.
  • Product improvement. Work to understand how to improve the product (eating quality, healthiness).
  • Animal welfare. Work to enable the whole supply chain to maintain a high level of animal welfare.

3. Centralised information providing easy access for farmers & Dunbia field-staff

  • Downloads and advice sheets to help you manage your business. The website contains information on nutrition, health, research work, business advice etc. All supplier members will have access to this information.
  • Meetings and events. We regularly run meetings and events for farmers. Please see the events page for details in your area.
  • Informed Dunbia Fieldstaff. All Dunbia Fieldstaff will be in a position to provide either information or a contact to enable our Supplier Group members to get information which helps them to manage their business.

4. Services/Advice

  • Independent nutritional advice. All Supplier Group members are entitled to email or phone advice from an independent advisor.